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Make your follow-through game so strong they'll throw you a ticker tape parade!


One day. Some day. Another time. You'll start eating healthily... one day (meantime those health foods you bought are rapidly nearing their expiration date.) You'll switch your current job for something that doesn't make you want to play hooky... some day. Savings? Well, you DID set up a savings account and you’ll be sure to fill it up... another time.

If any of this sounds familiar I've got good news: There's nothing wrong with you. Everyone struggles with follow-through. We all find ourselves at the eleventh hour scrambling to meet a deadline, tanked up on caffeine and sugar like a student during finals week. We all start projects with good intentions and then slip back into our old habits a week later. Why?

Because no one teaches us that "make a plan and decide to stick with it" is a terrible way to follow through on anything.

Finding the willpower and discipline to see something through doesn't happen from the neck up and between your ears. It starts in your heart and gut. We humans are feelings-based creatures. We don't reach for the junk food instead of the salad because we're lazy or don't care about our health. We do it because eating those fries feels so damn good and the salad feels like eating rabbit food. But once we start to associate that salad with higher energy, a healthier body and no more sugar crashes? Get me those greens, stat!

By the time you finish Choose It! Six Pillars For Consistency and Follow-Through you'll have all the tools you need to:

  • Get 20/20 vision about what you really want from life - without waiting for hindsight to kick in

  • Make decisions with confidence because you know you've got what it takes to turn them into action

  • Go all-in on new projects with no doubt because you trust your ability to see them through

  • Say goodbye to the frustration of half-finished goals and hello to consistent achievements

  • Build momentum that keeps going and going with no burnout

  • Become a follow-through champion thanks to proven psychology-backed techniques

Everything you'll read between these pages is tried and tested throughout my years in practice. These techniques have worked time and time again for my clients - and now you have access to them. In Choose It! Six Pillars For Consistency and Follow-Through, you'll learn how to:

  • Choose targets that feel exciting on a gut level - no more self doubt or looking to others for approval

  • Develop a personal priority map that uses your passions and interests to keep you motivated

  • Set goals in a specific, measurable, strategic way that multiplies your chances of success

  • Use your daily habits and routines to keep your momentum going and your aims in sight

  • Create your dream support network - and why every team needs a fan, a critic, a sidekick and a mentor

  • Identify where your beliefs are coloring your view of the world in a way that makes it hard for you to succeed - and what to do about it

  • Use your long-lost capacity for celebration to train your brain to associate accomplishment with positive feelings

  • Make decisions based on what's truly aligned with your inner GPS to dramatically boost your capacity for follow-through

No more failed plans or good intentions that vanish after a couple of weeks. Let's get your life heading in the right direction - no roadblocks, just a clear and easy path to your destination.

I'm ready to strike "one day" from my vocabulary! Gimme my copy!